Xtrfy MZ1 RGB Wireless Ultra-Light Gaming Mouse 1

Xtrfy MZ1 RGB Wireless Ultra-Light Gaming Mouse

Xtrfy MZ1 RGB Wireless Ultra-Light Gaming Mouse

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Xtrfy MZ1 RGB Wireless Ultra-Light Gaming Mouse
The MZ1 Wireless was designed by one of the world’s leading mouse reviewers and is based on the best design ideas from hundreds of gaming mice. Nothing can stop you with a form designed to enhance your aim potential and lag-free wireless communication. The MZ1 Wireless is based on the MZ1 – Zy’s Rail form created by Zy “Rocket Jump Ninja” Rykoa, widely regarded as the world’s best mouse reviewer. In addition to the original design, the MZ1 Wireless has a second back shell that allows you to customize the rear portion of the mouse to your liking. Polling frequency of 1000 hertz The same responsiveness and speed as our wired mouse, but without the wire.

Adjustable weight balance in 62 grams
Despite its wireless nature, the MZ1 Wireless is a very light mouse. And, because a mouse’s weight balance varies based on how you hold it, we’ve made it easy to customize it to your grip. When you move the battery to the front or rear, the mouse becomes perfectly balanced.

75 Hours of Playtime on One Charge
The MZ1 Wireless mouse comes with an Xtrfy EZcord Pro charging cable, which enables smooth movements even while the mouse is plugged in. No need to be concerned about a weekend LAN or a 24-hour marathon stream. The battery can last up to 75* hours of gameplay. When it’s time to charge, simply connect the cord and continue playing.

Premium Parts & Translucent Shell with RGB Illumination
The components of the MZ1 Wireless have been approved by one of the world’s harshest critics. Pixart 3370 sensors for pinpoint wireless accuracy 80 million crisp clicks from Kailh GM 8.0 switches. Also included is an ARM 32-bit microprocessor for unrivaled performance and stability. With the transparent casing of the MZ1, the sharp lighting of Xtrfy’s mice is much more dramatic. Select a color. Select from a variety of LED effects. Brightness may be adjusted. Alternatively, you may turn off the lighting. All adjustments are performed using the mouse.

Esports-specific settings Software is not required
The MZ1 Wireless allows you to change the CPI, Polling Rate, Lift-Off Distance, and Debounce Time with the flip of a switch and the push of a button. When you’re through modifying your settings, the top button may be set to “PGDN,” allowing you to bind it to whatever you wish in-game. The Xtrfy MZ1 RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse comes with a 01-year warranty.