Water Spray USB Mini Fan

Water Spray USB Mini Fan

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USB Water Fan, Portable Watering Misting Fan, Desktop Fan with Powerful Cooling Air, Mini Personal Fan for Table&Laptop

This is a brand new: USB Water Fan, Portable Watering Misting Fan, Desktop Fan with Powerful Cooling Air, Mini Personal Fan for Table&Laptop (BLUE)

Upmagic is a company focusing on develop creative and most user-friendly product for every customer. This usb mini water misting fan combine awesome design and useful function, becoming a popular summer product. We aims to design a cool product, bring a cool summer to all of our loyal customers.

1.Cool design for unique style and safety.
Distinct from the traditional mini fan with fan blade, this upmagic mini fan is using a motor to generate wind without blades inside a window. This design not only ensures powerful wind, but also protect people especially kids from incidental hurt.

2.Mini Size With Powerful Wind
The Upmagic mini water fan can continuously blow out powerful wind that refresh you effectively. The usb fan weighs 2.29 ouches, the size is 6.69 inches length?4.33 inches width. The portable design makes it quite adorable and quite convenient to take with.

3.USB wire for environment- friendly and easy use
The USB wire is used to supply power for the mini water fan. Compared to the battery power supply, the USB wire is more friendly to the environment. Moreover, as the technology develops of the modern society, the USB slot is quite common. Just with a USB slot, you can enjoy the cool feeling anywhere and anytime.

4.How to Use
1.Pour into the right amount of water in the bottom round base of the fan.
2.Open the on/off switch on the back of the fan.
3.Pull the left stick up and down.
4.Press down the spring on the right side, water will spray out.
Note: the water misting is a manual function. The wind of the USB fan is powerful, the manual operation is unnecessary if you don’t need the water misting.

In the box:
1?UPmagic USB mini fan
1?USB cord

– ?Powerful wind. This mini usb misting fan uses powerful motor to generate powerful wind. With this cool fan you can get away from the summer boring heat forever. Compared to other like products on the market, the wind power stands out apparently.
– ?Misting Water. Apart from the powerful wind, this water misting fan can mist water if you need. Just press the misting switch, the water will mist out, immediately you will feel the cooling sense it brings.
– ?Creative design and cool appearance. The whole appearance is designed to be like a robot. The cool outlook makes it quite different from other like products. When it stands on your desk, it can not only be a cooling fan, but also a wonderful
– ?Easy use. the mini fan is powered by a usb plot. Just put in the usb port, pull the button on the back of the misting fan, the wind will start to blow. If the misting water function needed, you can add water in the bottom, and then press the spring on the right side of the fan, the water will come out. About the detailed use steps, please refer to the instruction on the package box.
– ?Lightweight for portable use. The weight of the usb mini fan is 2.29 ounces. The light weight makes it very portable. You can put it beside your bed or on your office desk. With this cooling fan, you can enjoy a cool summer anywhere and anytime.

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